May 15, 2018

New Discovery of Gold Mineralization at Paunch Area Assays up to 7.45 g/t 

At the Paunch area a total of 166.4 metres of surface trenching was completed in 12 trenches, 95 sample intervals with 166 horizontal chip channel samples analyzed (including separated undersized and oversized samples) and 5 duplicates all taken at intervals of between 1-3 metres at the bottom of the trench walls to depths of 1-3 metres.

Trenches A and L with peak gold values of 7.45 and 5.98 g/t Au over 2.0 m horizontal lengths respectively are located farther south and closer to the ridge top than a peak gold value in trench B of 1.86 g/t Au across 2.0 m horizontal. Gold dispersion down slope is suggested.

Paunch Area Location Map
Paunch trenches A to L composite fire assay and go...

Paunch area near surface transported
Paunch area Trench K
Paunch area Trench L looking South
Paunch area Trenches A and B looking West